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Every other day I get the Constrained on Line from Point inference when I really want to snap to the point itself. This inference itself is very useful in many cases but I don’t think it ever should have precedence over the actual end point snap.

In this case I’m modeling a fence that is off by less than a degree from the modeling axes. Such situations are very common here in Europe where everything isn’t straight-angled. I don’t think I should have to temporarily change modeling axes, and even worse, have to remember to reset them, just to be able to easily snap to an end point.

In the case a user actually would prefer the rare constrain to line inference over snap to the end point, that’s what the axis lock using arrow keys is for.

In cases like this you are quite likely not to even notice you don’t snap to the endpoint and suddenly you have misaligned components and gaps all over your model and face severe problems trying to clean it up. The degrees of freedom of the input point is 0 making it feel like a point snap, even though the color and toolltip text gives it away.

I also suspect this is one of the cases that makes people file user requests for disabling various sorts of snapping altogether. In view SketchUp should absolutely not have the clunky snapping toggles of e.g. Rhino, but just work and do what you expect it to do in [virtually] all cases out of the box. That’s what SketchUp do!



i have the very same problem very often and told other users about it.
It can be a real pain in the **** !! I had been told at the time to “prepare” different scenes with different axes position, but it is just a workaround and I don’t really take the time to do it. I agree that the hierarchy for snaps should be changed/improved.
Most of the times I end up with messed up models, this the cause.

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A priority list with “Move Up” / “Move Down” controls ?

Or like Rhino with a lower toolbar that contains inference checkboxes ?

I don’t think the user should have to bother with the micro management of enabling and disabling various checkboxes. Snapping should just work as people expect it to work and let us snap to where we want to snap out of the box. It’s things like this that makes SketchUp better than other 3D modelers (when they actually work).

Well now you have totally confounded me. How then is this a UX feature request, and not a bug to fixed ?

(And I myself like the idea of having a right-click context menu where we can uncheck a certain inference that is getting in the way. Maybe also has a check option to only last until the current tool is changed ?)

It is UX because the inference system itself is UX. UX isn’t just buttons and spacing and colors and fonts.

But you are right that this is a bug report rather than a feature request. I move it to the appropriate category.

Regarding micro management of such settings I think it is just a work around for not having a good inference system in the first place. It is extremely distracting in e.g. Rhino to constantly tick and untick checkboxes instead of just having the program understand what you want to click on from the mouse position itself. SketchUp is much about not being bothered by such things but being able to focus on the actual work instead. I also know that the product managers are extremely reluctant to add more user settings, especially when they are just work around for other problems.


I have hoped for more user control in inferencing ever since I started using SketchUp. A toolbar or a ModelInfo or Preferences tab page with checkboxes would make me happy. For most of the time I would turn off all the “from point outside active” and the like. They are a real nuisance when they fall to points that are slightly off from the points on actual geometry that you really want to snap to.

But then the real problem is that from points outside isn’t surpassed by endpoint snap, not that there isn’t any an interface to manually micro manage the inference engine.

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