Tutorials to start after Sketchup Fundamentals


I am new to SketchUp. My class and I just recently started learning how to use SketchUp during our lockdown. We started with the SketchUp Fundamentals tutorials and are really enjoying them. The students love the tutorials and find that the lessons are very well presented compared to tutorials I find on youtube.

During the Fundamental tutorials, there is mention of learning how to fine-tune models for good practice in future tutorials.

Our primary focus will be modeling for furniture and construction. We may look into landscaping, as well. Are there other tutorials that are meant to follow the SketchUp fundamentals learning path?

Take CAre

On the same page where you found the link to get to SketchUp Fundamental, try the second icon on the top row. This will take you here:


Then, try searching YouTube with “sketchup skill builder”.

Try also searching Youtube with “sketchup house construction”.


Hi Jean,

Thank you for your prompt response.

We would prefer to focus on furniture and construction buildings before venturing into landscaping. Unless you think this tutorial would introduce us to some valuable tips before focussing on specific model design?