Turning on "Material Override" turns buffer screen black

Hello everyone
I would appreciate some suggestions as to how to fix my rendering issue. I want to turn on the “Material Override” but as soon as I do, the buffer screen turns pitch black (not just dark).
Iattached a link to the file below. Hope you can open it.
Thanks a million

Try with minimum settings or in a new file/model with only a box.

Thanks so much for getting back to me. Unfortunately, even after replicating the setting, I am still getting a pitch black render.

Any ideas why this might be?
Thank you

Have you also tested with a new file with only one box in it?

Edit material ‘Translucent Glass Gray’ in V-Ray and untick ‘Can be overridden’

Hello Mihai

I have tried to override the light/glass setting, and the Asset Editor setting ( see attached) and still nothing.
but still nothing.
I am sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by " test it with a new file with only one box in it".

Also, why do you have all the windows in the image you attached all white, like painted?

You are very kind, taking the time to answer my not so intelligent questions.
Thank you

It means exactly what I wrote: Open a new file (File > New); Draw a rectangle > PushPull and you’ll have a box. Render this with V-Ray and Material Override. But most likely if you edit the glass material like I told you it should work.

Sorry, I have edited the glass material as you said. NO change. I will have to leave it for now. It is nearly 10pm in New Zealand (:

Thanks for all your help.

By the way, do you know why the internal part of the room is slightly blurry looking through the Section Plane, like there was a filter or wall on it? And if yes, how to delete it as I can’t see it.

Thanks again

Did you realy modify the material ‘Translucent Glass Gray’ and not ‘[Translucent Glass Grey]1’, as I showed you in the video?


Turn off ‘Display Section Plane’