Turn on or off object in Reference model

Hi Guy,

In SketchUp when I import reference model, how I can turn on and off the object in this refercene model?
Such as turn on or off Footing, …



Start typing ‘Footing’ in the filter of Outliner, then select multiple and hide them.

Hi Mike
It’s impossible because object is Unlock?

If it is the only model to have it referenced, you get more control by just importing via File->Import. Then, all objects can be set individually.
When imported as ifc-reference, you can only turn of as a whole in the Tags panel (and outliner)
If you import a SketchUp model as reference that has ‘layers’ or tags themselves, these Tags can be set individually.
It has been requested…
@nnijmeijer do you have a solution for this?

Thanks for the @ @MikeWayzovski.

Once the IFC model has been imported into SketchUp, you want to be able to filter the classified objects.
Normally this can indeed be done in the Outliner, but that ensures repetitive actions.
If you import an IFC as a reference with Trimble Connect, the objects are locked in the Outliner.
This prevents you from “editing” the objects.
Unfortunately, there is no “standard” way around this as far as I know.

But recently I developed a “Classification Filter” functionality for SketchUp.
This allows you to automatically assign the classified objects in the 3D model to a Tag.
This Tag matches the classification assigned to the object.

Check out the video to see if it suits your needs:

Various tests show that this extension also works with imported IFC models as reference from Trimble Connect.

But please note: It is not the intention that you simply adjust imported IFC models as a reference. Despite this is possible with an extension or script.
A change is normally modified by the person who created the model.


Yes I import reference model by TC, it will be unlock object.
And your " Classification Filter " it look good and how can download it or Buy ?
Thanks you so much