Turn a high heel into a solid and substract from volume

Hello community.
I found this high heel shoe in the 3D warehouse.
I only need the heel and the sole, to create sort of a minimalist sculpture where the heel volume is taken out of the volume. Like a volume kind of footprint.
The heel should split the end of the solid at it’s edge.
That leaves the right and left of the solid apart. Maybe only linked by the shape of the sole.
I can’t figure out how to turn the heel and sole into to a solid.
I am more interested in the heel part than the sole, but with the sole would be nicer!
But as I can push and pull as it’s a curve
And I haven’t managed to give it volume.
I tried to take the sole and duplicate it but I cant make the exact closed edge all around.
So it wont turn into a solid.
I watched this video many times

Most of the high heel shoes I found are made in Blender
(maybe that is why they react differently making my quest even more difficult)
Anyone has a high heel shoe made in SketchUP or maybe show me or close it into a solid
I also found the clear coloured one that seems to have more volume but all the parts
seem to be floating. I did try to explode it and use push and pull links between all the pieces
but still that doesn’t seem to turn it onto a solid.
I have been on this for days and it has become a frustrating endeavour.
I tried but gave up it was simply to horrible.
Thank you so much RED_HIGHHEELbase&BOX.skp (2.2 MB)
HIGHHEELSbase&BOX.skp (2.0 MB)