Turn a curved line into a group

I drew a curved line that I want to turn into a group. When I select the curve and hit the right mouse button it does not show an option to turn the curved line into a group. Is there a way to do this?

Select the curve, then Edit menu > Make Group, or just set a shortcut and use it (Thanks, Dezmo, Box, for your points!).

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if the curve is welded make a group option won’t show in the right click menu. first select it and right click > explode curve
You’ll then be able to group it after selecting all exploded edges

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As @mihai.s said, use edit make group or a make group shortcut. Even a single edge can be made a group.

Thanks @paul.millet I knew it was a dumb question. I had thought of doing the explode and the group but did not try it.

Thanks for you reply also @Box

On topic but not completely. Instant Architecture has a function that makes an “empty group”. At first, I was puzzled about the purpose but there is a place for the function. The welded circle is one.

‘Right click’ context menu > shows options to either ‘Make Component…’ or ‘Make Group’ in latest versions of SketchUp.
So when doing so you instantly enter the new container’s environment to then add new geometry etc. inside this container.

But then you have a bunch of exploded lines. To group an actual arc and keep it an arc, use the edit menu or the keyboard shortcut.

To resume, a selection must contains at least two basic objects to be available with a right click. Otherwise, you need to use Edit Menu → Create Component or Edit Menu → Create Group

These are basic object:

  • Edge;
  • Circle;
  • Polygon;
  • Arc;
  • Freehand curve;
  • Guide
  • Guide point.

Another possibility is to add any other basic object to the first, like an edge, for example, and then create the component or group.

Once hat is done, you can edit the component or group and delete the added object, keeping only the other basic object in the component or group.

Which of these would you say is the most time efficient and leaves you with an Arc that retains its meta data rather than a bunch of segments.

I have done your second method several times. :slight_smile:

@Box I like the second method the best. :+1:

Which is the one @mihai.s gave you in the first reply.

I was talking about the method on the left side of your video.

They’re trying to say, that you marked as solution an inefficient way to do the task instead of an efficient one given to you before. This may cause confusion to future members looking for a solution for the same problem.

OK, maybe I am just confused.

A recent change allows you to right-click on a single image, and make it be a group. I think that was done because it was a common workflow. I imagine there are workflows where having other single entities become a group in one click, are valid.

I might as well ask the team whether there is a downside to making all single entities be capable of becoming a group in one click.

Maybe the increase of file size, but one wouldn’t wrap all single entities in a container would they?

Big advantage can be the possibility to lock objects that contain single entities.
Without that container (group/component) there is no way to lock an image, curve or any other “bare” entity.

I didn’t mean that. In this new example, someone may have a valid use case to draw one arc that needs to be isolated from other raw geometry. The current steps to achieve that are, create anything else, select it and the arc, make group, go into the group, delete the other object, exit the group. You now have what you need. Having right-click make group from the start would save five or six steps.

You only need to select the arc, or any single item, and use shift+g to make a group.