Tunneled Hill for road way

Hi, i have this project and i’d like to ask you some questions.

Is it possible to create a Hill and has tunnel in it?
I’m an architecture student and going with this project elevating my main building and creating a tunnel inside that hill for road development. :smile:

Hoping you understand what i want to portray and ask. Thanks in advance!

Well, sure you can do that. You can build a hill easily enough with the Sandbox tools, and then you can just intersect it with a cylinder or whatever shape the tunnel is.

Is that all you wanted to know–whether it’s possible? I guess you can come back when you have a specific procedural question.


i guess i think? if procedural is very long i think this is enough, i might waste your time typing xD

i’ll try making contours and going for push and pull tool. that’s the only thing i can think of having tunnels :smiley:

I just did a Google Image search on “tunnel cross-section” just to see what would come up. Hey, friend, if you’re looking for some detailed ideas about tunnel construction, take a look.


ohh Okay!! i got the idea now! thanks mate :smiley: :+1:

Here’s a very rough version of how to intersect a tunnel structure with a hill.

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omg just what i wanted to do!!! THANKS MATE !!!