Trying to slice an object in half and end up with a box I can't delete

I wonder if someone could help me understand why this happens, and how to avoid or fix it?

I am starting with this object:

And I want to crop the bottom off and turn it into this:

I drew a rectangle in space, and intersected the model… Then intersected faces:

Then finally deleted surplus part. But when I click on the rectangle, it highlights the entire bottom face:

I notice it has a thick black line around it, which if I am honest, I don’t really understand what this means… I tried the trick of drawing lines through it, and this helped in some areas, but not others:

I am not sure how to work around this, or how to fix it when it happens…

Could someone take a couple of minutes to explain?


When you get to the stage where you show the selected face in your screen shots, select everything, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. You should then be able to remove the face skinning the hole.

Alternatively, you can trace one edge of the hole with the Line tool. Then select and delete the skinning face.

Drawing lines through it can help in some cases but it creates more stuff to erase than simply tracing and existing edge.

Doh… I clicked on the face and the only option I had was “Intersect with Model”, and when I tried I was told there was no intersections.

But I just tried what you said (selecting the whole model) and now I have “Intersect with Selection” and this fixes the issue I have…

Cheers. I really appreciate your help


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