Trying to model a hollow gas tank cover for 3d printing

Hello, first post here sorry for my english and if it’s the wrong section.
here’s the “problem”, i built a e-drift trike :

the battery fit in the hole like this

And i want to model and print a cover to hide it

I managed to make the basic shape
And now i want to add some volume and hollow it…
I am still a total “noob” at this, I spent hours of watching “TheSketchUpEssentials”, experimenting with the “fellow me” tool, curvizard, sandbox, creating mesh and stuff but no matter what, I’m always blocked by something.
Now my brain is fully melted by litteraly 5h of “modeling”/“searching” and i can’t thing straight. That’s why i created this account to ask if some of you may have some idea on how to do this.

Thanks for you time, i’m really looking forward to read you :slight_smile:

looks like i can’t upload more than two links so her’s more pics

The shape :

I’d be working with Fredo’s Curviloft and his Joint Pushpull.


First of all, thanks a lot @Box !
I’ve fellowed this very well made gif (how do you made it ? ), encoutered some issues but managed to overcome them

By the time i’m writting this, a rought 3d print is in progress just to test fit the part.

Now my concern is to think a way to achieve a uniform flat lip at the base, so the part can sit properly on my trike frame.

I’ve tired the green fredo vectorial push/pull as well as drawing a base and intersec my model with it to flatten everything but i’m not very happy with the result.

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If you use two different skins bases on similar curves and one flat bottom you should be able to create the shape you want without using Joint pushpull.

I’m not sure i’m understanding it correctly but i’m gonna try my best :slight_smile:

Not near my computer just now but I’ll knock out a gif in a little while.

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Here you go, a rough idea for you.
Create the framework you want, copy it, then scale it to the thickness you want, I have been random here. Scale the x and y using ctrl so it scales from the middle but scale the z without ctrl so that it only pulls up and leaves the flat edge in place. Then paste in place and go from there.
Note: the bottom edges can be made to accurately fit another shape, copy and paste from the part you want to fit together.
Double skin


So FU****G SMART !!!

You are the best :heart_eyes:

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Ahah YES ! Oh my god i’m so happy right now (◕◡◕)

I’ll update the topic once finished

Don’t forget to post a pic of the finished trike.

For sure ! For now my first one, electrified from an existing “classic” triad frame will do.

Box and square objects are easier to work with :sweat_smile:



Shape went nice

But I fu**ed up the height.

V2 in progress

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Did you get it right in the end?
Show the results if you did!!

I’m really sorry i didn’t update the topic.
To make thing easier and going as straight as possible by hidding irrelevant informations i didn’t told this piece wasn’t for my trike but for my friend’s one. So i asked him how it was going (i’m french btw):

And look’s like bro’ is busy doing other things so i can’t wrap the topic :frowning:

PS : the final piece is fully printed he “just” need to shape the last mm’s and bends using a heatgun and make it pretty with filler putty and paint.

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