Trying to make a bell shape

I am trying to make a bell shape, sort of like a saxophone bell, but I can’t seem to find an easy way to make the walls with volume. I have one section of a wall with volume, but if I copy and paste I have to rotate it an I can’t figure by how many degrees. Also when I do rotate, trying not to go up or down, it always angles futher down making the process even longer. Any one have any ideas? P.S. I don’t mind having to remake my curve a different way if needed.

P.S. I don’t mind having to remake my curve a different way if needed.

Follow Me would be a good way to do it. Draw a cross section of the bell and extrude it around the circle.

I’m not following, draw a cross section?

Maybe like this:

Oh Thanks! I will try!

If you need it to have an inside wall more like a trumpet, draw the appropriate profile.

Thanks again DaveR, you really helped.

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You’re quite welcome Don.

Since I’ve never tried drawing one before, I had a doodle.

I’m pretty sure the saxophone makers won’t be beating a path to my door for my sax design. :smiley:


I am trying to be a bit silly and make a slide saxophone and thats why I wanted the tapered tube and then this bell.

That’s cool. I expect you are much better at music and instrument design than I am.

I have never designed an insturment before, but I figured I would try this after I saw a design on thingiverse right here. I have been playing the saxophone for six years as well, and I wanted print it, but the design need some sort of a cord to seal the horn so I am making it like a trombone instead.

I hope it works when you are finished.


Personally, I think it’s really saxy, @DaveR :wink:


that was done with followme?

The bell was done with Follow Me. The rest of the tube was done with Curviloft.

Thanks Jim.

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in curviloft the inside and outside surface formation are two separate operations? Or can both be done in a single loft?

Yes. Two separate operations.

OK so I get how to loft the tube in two halves inside and out then flip the the two and rejoin but is there an easier means to create the complete tube? Clean up is rather tedious inside and out. Does hiding edges fit into the flow somewhere?

Sounds like you are using the wrong button.