Trying to find D Logs for Log Home

Hi, Im new and still looking at a software to purchase. I am looking at designing a Log Home/Cabin using pre milled 8x6" or 8x8" D Logs, or logs that are rounded only on the outside. From the tutorial I watched/saw it looked as if the logs were rounded on two sides and then stacked flat (Round Logs as the are called) and was wondering if there would be an accurate way to depict a D Log instead. I remember there was one software that allowed you to make custom shapes and select the material (I am trying for cedar but will settle for pine) which would allow me the most accurate plans for when I move to the next step.

In SketchUp you could make the log component with whatever cross section you want. Nothing special required.

Thats what I needed to hear! Make any shape, does it also allow you to pick the materials? Sorry I want to know this specific capability before I download it and pay for it. I know there is a free version but I probably will pay so I can use the true capabilities of the program. I have heard great things from some engineers I know.

You can apply textures to create the appearance of wood grained logs if you want. If you go with SketchUp 2019 as you allude to, you can import your own images to use as textures.

Thank you, you have been a great help.