Trying to draw a gate latch for a kid's wagon

The gate latch on a friend’s wagon has broken. I’m trying to draw and print a replacement…Here’s a picture of the broken part.

Here’s the skp file of what I’ve come up with. I have run into difficulties trying to get the support braces solid. Is there an obvious glaring mistake that I’ve made? Addie’s wagon door handle v3.skp (201.8 KB)


Addie’s wagon door handle v3_solid group.skp (209.1 KB)
Check if the height of the vertical elements marked in red is the desired one!

It’s encouraging to see that you were able to clean up my mess.

The full width cross brace, the second from the open end, should be higher, almost as high as the last cross brace but I am able to do that with your drawing.

I see you were able to do things that stumped me, like:

  • close the diagonal face on the support between the two columns
  • seperate the lower full width cross brace from the floor, I couldn’t select it’s face to pull it to the desired height
    -clean up various vertical lines without creating gaps in faces

Is there anything you can recommend I do to avoid these problems in the future?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

You’re welcome!