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Hi everyone,

Today, we are introducing a small but useful change to SketchUp for Web and SketchUp for Schools: a Home tab that displays the recent files you’ve saved.

Similar to the desktop version of SketchUp, when you launch the app, the Home Tab will display first, providing quick access to recently saved files. If you have no recently saved files – you’ll see a friendly prompt to start modeling.

We also added an option to create a new model from a template at the top of the Home Tab, so it’s a bit easier to start modeling with the default units you prefer. And, if you prefer to open a file that isn’t recent or to open a file saved on your computer, there is a quick option to do that too.

For now, your list of recent files is dependent on your browser cache. We are working to make this list more resilient to the device or browser you are using; please stay tuned for an update!

Speaking of updates, over the next month or so, you may see more changes to how file management works in SketchUp for Web. We’re working on addressing some of the common issues we’ve seen people trip over while saving and opening files, and while we’re at it, we hope to give the app a slight facelift. I’ll continue to post here when these updates are available, to keep you appraised and also to understand your feedback on the changes.



I was thinking just the other day it was strange Trimble Connect was the default panel, especially with it being somewhere in the middle of the list.

This makes a lot more sense! Keep up the good work!

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