True Solid group wanted!.... rewards xxxx$....?

Can someone help correcting this model which refuse to be a ‘true Solid goup’.
I had to make surgery to this face model ( it was to large to be printable…) and I can’t succeed to correct what seem to be a planeity problem in the back face.
I had spent a lot of hours (days!..) modeling that face and others… and I am so close to the end…?
The problem, not visible as first, appears within Solid Inspector_2:
-face AR shorten_4_SU.skp (5.4 MB) 3 surface borders , 4 internal edges
Thanks for your help

The back of the model isn’t flat at all. So many faces. I’m guessing you didn’t draw the 2d of that shape on the ground plane? The differences in the planes is microscopic, but enough to matter. At some point when you extruded something or some other operation, you lost the solid (if you ever really had it). That’s my guess, anyways.

I see it now. It’s from those octagonal holes going through the model. When they resolved with the back of the model, something went wrong, and it fractured the face. The facets don’t even show up with hidden lines or geometry. It’s telling of a bug (to me) that the face is split up like that, but only a few lines are giving the SI2 an alert. You may need to go back to an old save file and try again if that’s possible.

ok let me check it and i will see

How much is the reward?

It was a mess for sure.


What did you end up having to do to that? I couldn’t get any clues as to what needed to happen.

There was a lot of garbage to cleanup. I wound up creating a new single back surface for it instead of trying to fix that mess.

Then it was a matter of hunting through looking for the small gaps and weird geometry the OP had created.

ye i did that too … it was need manual cleaning

they was hidden geometry

There is also some connected raw geometry incorrectly assigned a tag other than Untagged. It doesn’t affect the solid status but it should be corrected.

Can we split the reward? :smiley:

I forgot. I fixed the incorrect tag usage and purged the model before I did anything else.

We can split the reward if there’s anything to split. :wink:

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You seem to have succeeded ! Wonderfull !!!
I don’t understand exactly what you did:

  • what is that ‘tag’ notion? (I am using SU make 2O17, and never saw such a thing…?)
  • I did try myself to define a new plane face over that split one, but it incresaed the problems detected by SI2 ! And I feeled overwhelmed !!
  • the mess arrived when I tried to cut verticaly a left portion of what was initialy a true solid group !
    But How can I learn your repair techniques ?..

For the reward… hum … W’ll try to share a few glass of beers :beers:, when I’ll be authorize to break the french confinement! :sweat_smile:
And hey guys, how can I have access to your repeared file??? … to your courtesy of course !

By the way, I need also to trim verticaly the opposite face’s model…
face AV shorten _SU.skp (4.6 MB)
How must I procceed to avoid the same problems???
1- I tried to trim the AV base with the trim box:>>> SU splashed !
2- I tried to ‘intersect faces’ the trim box with the AV base >>> it destroyed the solid group nature of the AV base, with the same problems as encountered above… :confounded:
What is the right method?..

Thanks for your suggestions.

I would use the subtract tool, but when I tried it, it crashed. No bug splat. Nothing. Just closed the program and went away. The other guys will have to look at your model to see what’s causing the problems. There’s something weird about how long it takes the system to interact with that thing. I know it’s a lot of faces, but it’s not THAT bad. Maybe the tags are at fault, or something a little deeper.

OH. Tags are the new layers in 2021. Just a different name for the same thing.