Troubling Google Drive permissions

I’m the Google Workspace admin for a school and a student asked me about setting up SketchUp. It had been a while since I last used the desktop client and was pleasantly surprised there’s a web client now, but when I went to install it, the Google Drive permissions gave me pause. The forums might be a silly place to ask for this, but is there anyway someone at SketchUp who sees this can explain why the requested perms are:

“See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files”

and not something more like what Lucid uses:

“See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app”

I have hard time approving SketchUp for our domain with such broad perms. Any info is appreciated.

Just to make sure I understand your question… You are asking about the permissions for Google Drive? This may be something that you would want to ask Google about (Trimble has owned SketchUp for the last decade and has no insight or control over how Google does want it does).

This sounds to me like the OP is asking about the language SketchUp uses in the published permissions of its Google integration when signing up for SketchUp for schools.?

Sorry - to clarify: the perms descriptions are (I believe) different levels set by Google. The language that shows to users is set by what the app owner says is necessary. My question is why SketchUp needs big blanket perms that give them power of everything in a user’s Drive. instead of a level more reasonable (IMO) like Lucid’s, which is limited to just the files they need access to.