Tripp Trapp Child's Chair


An ancient Sketchup drawing.


I can see a real version of it from here where I’m sitting :wink:


Weren’t you going to make that for your new born son?


No. We had one when he was born. He used it at the dining table from the time he could sit up. Now it is in his room at his desk. He just turned 12 a week ago. You have sort of a good memory, Colin. :smiley:


The one out of the nice rocking boat?


Yep! A month or so ago he told me he wants to take the cradle boat down to the creek and see how it floats. :smiley:


No, I cheated and did a Google image search of your picture to see if it would find pictures of the real thing. It didn’t, but it did find a post you made about it in a woodworking forum!


@DaveR, OMG, what a wonderful angel! God bless with health and luck! :blush: :innocent:


And you are the one sitting on it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably I can try it just once…:smirk:


…because if I sit on it no one will ever see that chair?