Trimming using API

We released an extension called ‘FrameModeler’.

We believe that the FrameModeler has the potential to play may roles in the Korean BIM market. It is possible not only modeling but also statement calculation.

It is FREE extension!!!

However, we have a serious problem with one of the features.

This extension has a feature for subtracting the volume of two overlapping objects according to priority.

This feature was developed based on the SketchUp Solid Tool(Trim)

When FrameModeler users use this subtracting feature, the problem has occurred frequently.

We think that this error comes from using the API trim.

When trimming using API, there is a phenomenon that faces are lost or unnecessary faces are created, so the solid components are processed into the Non-Solid components.

Could you help us? let us know anything else we can refer to.

Maybe I won’t be the best to answer, but … a few thoughts.
Motto: “Help us so we can help you.”:

What is this means?
It would have been nice if you could provide a link about the extension.
You should give a specific example (in detail) when that problem arises:

  • How the objects (groups, instances) are looks like?
  • Are those nested?
  • Are those really solids? How do you check it?
  • Do those have a common faces?
  • Can you repeat the behavior of drawing “similar” groups and using the built-in “Trim” tool?
  • etc.

Maybe going through this can give some idea: