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Hello all.
I’m fairly new to the extension development, and I’m running into a road block… I have a ruby script that trims a group A (solid) based on another group B (solid), which works great.

My question is, how can I limit or stop the trim from occurring if group A overlaps say a group C? I’m looking for an if statement check prior to trim.

Thanks for the help.


The solid operations do not give enough fine-grained access to use if statements. They are “atomic” operations with a clearly defined input and result.

Think of it like a set operation. If you want to protect those parts of A overlapping with C from being trimmed by B, they must not overlap with B.

So instead of:

A \ B

you do:

A \ (B \ C)


Thanks for the feedback.
Is there a check statement that returns (true/false) that can be used to determine if two groups intersect?


Determining intersection of arbitrary solid volumes is a non-trivial problem. Usually only bounding-boxes are checked. Only if bounding-boxes intersect, the geometry may intersect or not.

Something like:



I was heading down that road… thanks again.
I’ll let you know if I can get it figured out.


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