Trimble Connect and Ambient Occlusion

It appears SU 2024’s new Ambient Occlusion properties do not transfer over to shared Trimble Connect files? The darkened corners/recesses created by Ambient Occlusion in my desktop Sketchup 2024 model do not appear to show up in the Trimble Connect model.

Do you mean when you’re looking at them in SketchUp for Web?

No, don’t think so. Sketchup for Web is different than when I upload a file to Trimble Connect, right?

Correct… Trimble Connect has it’s own graphic engine, so it does not use the same one as SketchUp for Desktop. To see AO you need to download models and open them in SketchUp for Desktop.

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Thank you, good to know, Unfortunate though, because the Trimble Connect link provides an excellent opportunity for customers/consultants to view model as it progresses - but without the nice, nuanced shading of AO.

SketchUp Styles are not ported in the TC environment. It has it’s own Ambient Occlusion in the Settings > Display > Advanced settings:


TC acts as a coordinated viewer, where one can view multiple models from different formats (IFC/RVT/DWG/SKP/TEKLA) simultaneously.