Trim tread

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I want to trim tread with stringer. Does anyone know how to achieve it and still each tread can be edited as component. I want to edit one tread and change other tread automatically after trim. Thanks.

Eneroth Solid Tools can trim components, while keeping them as a component, and updating all other instances of that component with the changes.

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Using native tools only, providing all the treads are component copies all you do is;

  1. click into the nested groups to select a Ione instance of the tread component,
  2. double click that component to open it for editing,
  3. once open for editing, triple click to highlight all the faces and you’ll see all the other instances faces of all the other components are highlighted (you could do this step at 2 but until comfortable stick with doing it by numbers - ex military instructor talk!)
  4. move/push/pull the face or edge you want to move and all the others will all do the same.
  5. Esc out of the component you are editing and all the components will have changed.

Very quick and easy - no extensions required

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