Trim Function

Hello, I am new to sketchup and i am on the trial right now. I thought that with the trial that I woiuld have all the functions as in a paid version, but i am having a problem. I am looking for the “trim function” to use for making dovetails. I use it to create the matching side.

But i cannot find the function anywhere. What am i missing?? Do i not have certain functions when on the trial subscription?

Thanks for your help in advance to this nube…

Steve Madigan
08/31/2019 22:21 PM

You have all functions in the trial version, complete pro nothing missing.
Trim from the Solid tools needs to be working with solids.

solid tools??? what is this and how do i get to that??? also thanks for the quick response…

Solid Tools are included with SketchUp Pro. Look in the Tools menu or expose the toolbar under View>Toolbars.



Thanks so much DaveR, I really appreciate your help.


DaveR one more question please. How do i get to Layout?

After you save the model go to File>Send to LayOut. Or just look for the LayOut icon on your desktop.


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You’re welcome. You might find it worthwhile to spend some time looking at the SketchUp and LayOut Essentials tracks here.

As an alternative to Send to LayOut, you can also be in LayOut and use File/Insert, to insert the model. The advantage is that it will place the model on the page you are working on, whereas Send to LayOut creates a new page each time.

Once the model is in your LayOut file, you need not either Send to LayOut or File/Insert, to get other views of the same model. Just copy and paste the one you already have, and then in the copy’s SketchUp Model panel you can select the scene that you want it to show. Or right-click on the copy and choose from the Scenes list in the contextual menu.

In fact, you shouldn’t use either Send to LayOut or Insert after the first viewport is inserted into LayOut.

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