Tricky issue with Editable 3D Text inside dynamic components

I am creating a dynamic component that contains 3D text created with the Editable 3D text extension by ThomThom. The DC consists of a back panel and an Editable 3D text component. I want to be able to performa non-uniform scaling of the DC and have the back panel scale non-uniformly, but the text scale uniformly so the font is not stretched.

This is easy with normal 3D text, but with Editable 3D text when I edit the text using the extension’s interface it’s overall size changes and the constraint causes the font to stretch or compress depending on whether the word has less or more letters than the original.

Any ideas on how I can keep the font looking correct after stretching the back panel?

right click the text and reset scale, best via outliner

I go back this post, I have exactly the same problem.
How to do the right click to reset the scale with Ruby code,
I would like to avoid having to go down I use the text while its editing parameters are in a component much higher in the hierarchy
thank you