Scaling "Change After Method" Issue with DC Material Formulas

I’ve created a set of Dynamic Components the are used for estimating Architectural facade panels.
The “Highlighter Color” material can be chosen via a drop-down list in the Component Options.
I’ve managed to automate a material change to a “Warning” texture if the primary panel face dimensions exceed a given size threshold, and also automate a material change to a “Stop” texture if the panel exceeds what is possible from a given raw material sheet size.
The automated material change works well if I manually enter LenX, LenY, or LenZ dimensions in the Component Options Box or conventionally “drag & drop” scale the components.
However, if I scale an arbitrary amount, then manually type in the desired scaled dimension with the inch" symbol, the component correctly scales but the underlying formulas that govern the automated material changes no longer indicate correct or current dimension values.
Is this a case of user error, or is this a known bug (with hopefully a workaround)?
XF TO Panel_02.03xxx.skp (442.0 KB)

if you drag in the direction then enter the measurement, enter without second click, will work first time, just altering after requires a redraw to fix

a simple keystroke shortcut would be best
select a DC to establish the context, then window/preferences

still be best to run a script to Dan’s “redraw all” on this forum

Nice - thank you.
I assigned an unused keystroke to redraw DCs, and it works perfectly.
I had assumed that the formulas had become broken - they seem to have remained intact.
I know nothing about Ruby, but I thought I remember a forum post from awhile ago about embedding something in a dynamic component to force a redraw after an edit?
Thanks again.