Triangles on surfaces after exporting DWG

@slbaumgartner Ok please would you mind having a look at this file… This is an old file from which I have exported a dwg and cnc person has had no problems with opening… from 2019 software and on old laptop

re the circles etc still no good here?

Old file for test forum .skp (374.4 KB)
OLD files for test forum.dwg (1.3 MB)

Unlike in the other model, the z axis location of every vertex I checked in this skp is exact to the whole mm out to six decimal places. No strange trailing digits, and consistent values at all vertices of a face.

Looking again at the earlier file, I notice that the entire thing is tilted slightly off the xy plane (see screenshot below). That is probably the source of the issues, and has nothing to do with 2023 vs 2019. I also see that the x and y coordinates of corners have strange trailing fractions on them. Why did you draw this model in free space instead of starting at a known point such as the origin? That could also be a factor in the issue, especially if you had length snapping turned on at any point.

It’s time for me to cook supper now, but if I get time later I’ll try redrawing the first panel using 2023 and see if it comes out crooked for me.

So I saved the problem file as a 2019 SU file and exported the dwg in 2019, and he was able to open an read without problems / triangles on autocad and solidworks - so 2023 dwg export is the problem !

Not disputing those drawings were off axis etc but it was so small and isn’t the problem I am having.

I can save the whole file in 2019 after drawing it and then export using 2019 but it’s a bit of a pain. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this problem in 2023?

Thank you so much

I didn’t have time until now, but as promised I reworked your panel model to more exact dimensions and placement. I saved both as SKP 2023 and SKP 2019 and exported to dwg from each (using SU 2019 for the latter). I notice that the dwg exported by 2023 is considerably larger than the one from 2019, which indeed suggests there was something changed in the 2023 exporter (the skp is much smaller because the skp file format was changed in 2020 to be compressed). But looking at both files in ODADrawingsExplorer (the only dwg viewer I have), neither of them shows any triangulation.

Please try these out and see whether you observe any differences and whether the problems still remain in either of them. Let us know what you find.

Panel for forum - fixed 2023.skp (86.5 KB)
Panel for forum - fixed 2023.dwg (458.3 KB)

Panel for forum - fixed 2019.skp (209.0 KB)
Panel for forum - fixed 2019.dwg (201.6 KB)

My comment is completely unrelated to the problem a hand, but I notice that the 2023 dwg file contains a segment comprised of 0x00040000 zeros. That’s 256K bytes of zeros.