Trial - Going down two days at a time when splitting screen?

Hi, I am a newbie to sketch up. I use a Macbook and a desktop screen. However when I split my screen the trial goes down by two days, so it is effectively a 15-day trial? Any tips to prevent this would be great.

I’d say Search out an older version of SkecthUp, and install that.

They start off as a Pro version—and slide into the Make version after the initial trial time expires. While the Make will have a drop in features… it will be more than usable, and you should be able to gain a very clear understanding as to how the modeling process works in SU.

I think that SU 2017 is still hosted on the Download Page… and in it’s final post-Pro fallback version, aka ‘Make’… it doesn’t expire or timeout.

I also can’t ever recall a report where the 30 day trail period dropped off, due to the Monitor count. So you should be guaranteed a full 30 days as well.

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