Trays in 2021 version (Mac)

Can someone please help me to locate trays in 2021 Mac version

There aren’t any. They are a Windows-only feature of the interface.

You have Tool Pallettes on Mac that can be turned on and off from the View/Tool Pallettes menu, and many of them can be stacked one below the previous one(s).

ok thanks so much John, appreciate your help. Do you know if the common materials can be edited in mac? eg. change colour of wood pattern? the screen that comes up and wont allow me to edit colour

Yes you can edit the default materials to some degree. Once you apply it to a face in your model, you can then right-click on the material in the materials browser and edit the material and say, change the hue.

As you can see here, the ‘Edit’ functions for doing more advanced edits in say Photoshop, are greyed out so you can’t do that.

Thanks so much!! All sorted now