Resize materials for sketchup on macbook pro

Hello, how does one resize materials with sketchup on mac without the default tray? is there any good extension that actually works pretty easily?

You could position the texture on a face to show the part you want at the size you want, and right-click Make Unique. After that you could delete the larger texture that isn’t being used anymore.

Or you could try this extension:

With that you could change all of the materials in the model to be smaller.

Another option is to edit the existing material, and choose the option to edit the texture in an external editor. Edit it in Preview, then reload the new version back into the material in the model.

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Thought of another option. If you want to resize a material to fit a particular real world size, you can right-click on the material in the Colors in Model section of the Colors palette, choose Edit, then in the edit settings you can type in the width and height you want that material to represent.

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I’m confused by this. Do you mean without the material picker window? Why don’t you want to use the standard method? Can you say what exactly you are trying to achieve?

The wording isn’t quite clear, but perhaps the OP is either coming to Mac from Windows or looking at a Windows GUI tutorial and wondering where the equivalent to “trays” are found on a Mac.

A number of posts have also made it sound like the Windows materials tray does more than you can do with the Colors palette on Mac. That may even be true, but resizing of the texture size can be done on Mac.