Tray change in 2023

Has something changed on the components tray in 2023? Each items created use to show the description with icon. In 2023 it does not except for the 1st item on the list. Is this glitch or is the a change in the program?

All previous version

2023 Version
2023 Version

No body else has this issue or use this feature?

I see similar results but I hadn’t ever noticed it before because I don’t use that display option for components. Does look like a bug to me.

Bug or a change? I can’t find any information on it.
its useful to us because we have items with similar part numbers. The descriptions have really helped to callout the differences in what we need to pick for each design project.

It does seem wrong. I’ve asked the team to look into it.

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I would expect bug since some descriptions do appear.

I also noticed in Layout when I import text that I have setup in my scrapbook and I click to edit the text, 1st thing is does is changes my set style format for that text and turns them all off.

Is this a bug or have something changed with text in Layout?

Tried this with importing from one of the supplied Layout scrapbook items, same thing happens.