Trailer on back of moped,motorbike

I have seen on the Warehouse a lot of trailers,but not what am looking for.
And i can’t find on internet a video how to make an frame.
I found on youtube some video’s about building on frame an tiny house but
nothing about frame’s making.

Do you have a question about modeling with SketchUp ?

I was looking on youtube some video about making an trailer for at the back of an moped.
But nothing to find.

This fellow used SketchUp to design a trailer for his Vespa Scooter.
There’s even a link to download the SKP file.

The little 50cc engine in my Metro is way too small to pull a trailer.
I considered Honda’s aftermarket rear carrier & trunk.
But the trunk was too small to be of much use, while the price for both was too big.

With that, I built a rear carrier for a Wald® 157 Giant Delivery Basket
Designed in SketchUp Pro, of course.
Honda Metro Basket Bracket.skp (2.1 MB)