Non-3DW Sources of Trailer Models for SketchUp

Does anyone know where you can got to get other icons for sketchup instead of the warehouse I was wanting to find trailers for tiny house and need some different one then on the warehouse.


SketchUp Trailer File for Tiny House Drawings

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You can find some wood materials in the 3D Warehouse and other sources. You can also make your own which is what I prefer to do.

ok so what do you do make it the exact length and width you want then paint it over with wood

I don’t understand your question.

@jar80 I think you are making life hard for yourself by trying to make it easy.
You’ve struggled with housebuilder and it took us a while to understand that it was a plugin and not basic sketchup that was causing your problems.
In truth if you spent a bit of time learning the basics and ignoring complex plugins you’d have your tiny house built in no time.
If you had learnt how to make a simple framing component and how to array it to make a wall it would then be a simple matter to understand how to give that a wood texture.
But if you have jumped ahead and now have a complex framework made by a plugin it becomes far more problematic to explain how to add suitable materials.

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