Tracing a heart pic for 3d printing


ok cool. i will do that. Still trying to get the aqua color to show up but it wont over the heart image. so i am going to import just the png path file from gimp that i made. see if that allows me to do this. I think the vector image was causing the arc tool to think every place was an endpoint haha


man, your trace is way more accurate than mine haha. i turned my precission down to 1/64, which is the lowest, but it is still not as good haha.


Here it is in 2015


thanks for that. that helps alot. Dang! OMG OMG i got it!!! i had to turn off enable length snapping!!! WOOT. ok. now its time to practice some more… Thanks to everyone on here for this help. i will post a pic when i can. need to run to school im late haha


Ok, so i have things mostly figured out. Now when i go to print this, how thick will the base of the heart box be? since the plane in SU seems to be pretty thin, do i need to extrude(push/pull) that by a 64th of an inch as well? or just leave it be? thanks

as promised, here is a pic.

New photo by Matt Thomas


Yes, you need to create thickness.
If you look at the back you probably have a hollow groove around a central heart, push the heart in, then with the pencil trace over one segment of the outer heart and it should form a face for you. Make sure your faces are orientated correctly.


Ok, so what i did was i first extruded the main base of the heart about
1/32 of an inch, then i offset and pulled the walls up by about 1/4 of an
inch. This way it gave me a base to work with:)

I have the devinci xyz printer. I just bauht it to. Do i have to use there
software in order to print? I want the easiest best way to do this haha. Oh
and “box” do you teach classes on sketchup? Or does anyone? I would love to
be a pro at this program




That depends on the printer, probably. How does your specific printer work.??
Normally you would export the model from SU as an .stl or .obj then open it in the printers software and print from there.
There is an .stl exporter available in the extension warehouse.

I teach a very limited number of people and I’m gonna guess that I’m not geographically appropriate for you, unless you happen to live in the right part of Australia.


Oh dang! Yeah i live in utah. So that aint gonna work haha.

I have never used my printer so i have no idea how it works. Just purchased
it a couple of days ago:) if they have there own software, thats ok. I
imagine it wont be hard to import my SU file and allow the software to do
what it needs to do.


Knowing the difference between a plane face and what not i have discovered
is important for 3d printing. Im used to letting it be paper thin for just
layout and visual drawings, now i have to make sure there is thickness


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