Toothpick Box for beginner

Need help with drawing a rectangular box to hold toothpicks. Needs a lid with a shoulder to be able to insert the lid into the rectangular box and to remove it to remove toothpicks.
The plan is to 3D print the final design.
This is for middle school students.

Do you have dimensions for this box? Will you be modeling the box or will the students be doing that? I sent you a PM.

1.5" wide by 3" tall including the lid.

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David, I worked up a quickie reminder sheet for you. Hopefully it will help. Remember the lid is effectively the same process. We drew it in place on top of the box so it was guaranteed to fit.
Toothpick box.pdf (820.1 KB)


Dave, the pdf will not open on my cellphone. Thanks. Wonder how to open the pdf on my end?

Can you download it to your computer? What kind of phone? My Android will open PDFs.

Hi Dave,
If you’re willing to, I would like to video record what we did a few days ago. Remember you helped me draw a toothpick box with lid. And you taught me to use component rather than the group command. I have forgotten some of the steps to this so videoing would give me a great reminder and visual.



I sent you a private message.

Saved the video but only my voice is heard. Have to learn how to include your voice or another person who is speaking.

Bummer. Are you able to use it for your reference.

Yes I am. I watched a few minutes and recognized what you were talking about because I could see the commands and you didn’t go too fast, it was obvious what you were demonstrating. I did write some key points and commands down for reference.

I will ask my IT for help to make sure both ends are being recorded. I did see a green segmented bar lighting up when I spoke and when you spoke, so that gave me the impression that our voices were recorded. No so. The record the session was selected too.

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Dave, have you ever drawn a 3d object and then made orthographic views in Layout?
My goal is to teach students to draw their front glider wing in 3d then use Layout to show the 3 views, top, front, and right sides. I plan to have them take the top view and export it as a DXF so I can open it in Corel Draw which is used to laser engrave and cut out the balsa wing.

Any advice would be great!


Yes. I’ve done that. In fact it’s a frequent thing. I did it the other day as a matter of fact.

This is a little more involved than your students will need but it shows the idea.

Generally I find it best to start by setting the standard view for the largest by making a scene showing the largest profile first. Assuming your students draw their wing in the normal orientation so it is laying flat on the ground plane, this would be the Top view. Set camera to Parallel Projection, too. Use Zoom Extents to make the wing fill the model space as much as possible. Create a scene for that view. Then select the Front or appropriate side view to see the front view of the wing. Draw the wing with the length along the red axis and use Front view. Create a scene. then choose an end view which should be either the left of right side. If the wing has a taper and they want to show the profile at both the tip and the root, set the side view such that they are looking at the tip.

They can set a scale for the viewports in LayOut so the exported DXFs make sense.

Check out the new curriculum, as well:
Maybe, you can work out some nice examples in collaboration with @joy

I drool. Something like that would be ideal for some bookbinding operations.

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That’s true. It would be good for that.