Tool/Plugin to Analyze .skp file-size?

I have seen a number of ways to decrease the file-size, but nothing to list which parts make up for how much size.
I guess there might be a Plugin that lists the different parts like images, components etc. with their file-size share…

See ThomThom’s CleanUp³³

It needs his TT_Lib2:²

The ModelInfo dialog has a statistics panel.

Thanks Dan.
So, the CleanUp plugin and the Modelinfo statistics
(you mean where the buttons for “delete unused” and “solve problems” are, right?)
are both NOT giving infos on file-size, or am i missing something?

I envision a statistic that lists which textures, components, etc. take up how many Kb/Mb.
This would eg. help in understanding which images should be rescaled for biggest impact on file-size.

Sounds like such a feature/plugin does not exist.

did you see this thread from yesterday and today?

there are two plugins mentioned there…


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