Tool or Plugin to delete identical objects on same place?

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is there a possibility to select and delete any coincident groups or components which are a duplicate/copy on the same place?

I have a huge facade and I used the copy/array command with identical objects, afterwards while rendering I saw that there are several copies overlapping each other. If I could select all duplicates which have the same coordinates, I could delete them, instead of figuring out where they are.

Vectorworks for example has such a function, its called. “Purge coincident double objects”


If you select a component and right click, do you see this:

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 14.01.13

These commands allow to select other instances of the same component. Once highlighted, you can delete them, move them, replace them, whatever.

The question was to leave one instance in place per location.

Manually you could window-select around a component while having ‘Entity Info’ open.
Once you see (say) 11 instances, but seemingly only one selected, [Shift]click once on the selection again to reduce the number of selected instances to 10. Only then hit [Delete].

A plugin would be better to speed up the process for an entire model. Could be out there already. Search the ‘Extention Warehouse’ or the ‘Plugin Store’ at SketchUcation forum.

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Thank you Wo3Dan & simoncbevans,
I scanned the Extension-Warehouse and found it!!!

The Plugin, for anybody having the same issue:

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