Tool for solid making of your design

Hello, i m new here.
Can somebody tel me how i can make a oject solid,for 3d printing.
Thanks for the respons.

In SU, a “solid” is a specific form of geometry: that is, a closed, watertight manifold without any extraneous geometry. There are certain other conditions and requirements that may apply to solids, such as face orientation, which are of concern to certain 3D printers. In any event, solids may be produced using the ordinary SU Make toolset and verified as solid using Entity Info.

Additionally, SU Pro, the pay version, has a set of Solid Tools that perform boolean operations on solids and represent an advancement in the ability to work with solids. Also there are several plugins that may also make working with solids a bit easier.

You can start by reading this article on the Solid Tools, although, as I said, you can make pretty much any solid you wish with SU Make. You can work with solids more easily and efficiently if you have SU Pro.

Exactly what are you trying to make?


Just a simple object to see how the 3d printer print this object.
Thanks for the respons.