Toggle inferencing off/on

When drawing contours for a topo map from an image it is very frustrating to have the lines snap to an axis, parallel to another line or as a continuation of the previous line. It really limits accuracy. The lines definitely need to stay on the same plane as the image but other than that, everything else really makes this process terrible.

Until that feature gets added, if it ever does, you could draw the contours in LayOut, export a DWG /DXF file and import that into SketchUp.

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You can draw lines using the arc tool and the line tool, it is easier and the job will be clean and simple

Do not forget to zoom in close the place where you are using the tools to draw, it will minimize the inferecing snapping to the axis

Explode the image and group the result. Then select a “drawing” tool. Wait For the “On face in group” inferencing tooltip to appear. Press and hold down Shift. Now, until you release Shift, everything you draw will stay on the plane of the face.


Thank you for the idea DaveR. I had thought about doing that briefly then assumed I would have the same issue in LO. I will try it.

Can you turn off inferencing in LO?

No but I think it might be easier to get around it and since it is 2D only, there’s no problem keeping it flat.

Ah, I see. I’ll try. So far keeping it in the same plane only became an issue when I set the axis tool to be off plane with the image. The lines would sometimes snap to the axis direction which was a pain so I put the axis back as they were. I only mention this in the feature request because without the ability to stay in plane it wouldn’t work. So actually, this may be a better request for a LO feature.

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