To my fellow Nerds


I am in the computer business by trade. This is a new hobby.

So to my fellow nerds sitting in the their cubicles writing this software – Thank you for making me smile in the middle of the middle of the night with this dialog and know I am with you in spirit! :slight_smile:


@thomthom, this is for you :slight_smile:


Shiny! :smiley:


Hey bud, you can’t use the N word here! Don’t let Mr Box catch you. Pretend it was someone else.


… That is right!

WE prefer the term ‘geek’ to :nerd: .

:vulcan:Live long and prosper.


LOL! It must be a regional thing??

BTW- isn’t danrathbun all one string a killing word?


You anger Shai Hulud when you reveal Maud’ib’s secrets!


I remember the first time I emptied the spam box of gmail and it said “Horray” No spam". That made my day :stuck_out_tongue: .