Tips Welcome! Modeling Broadway Bridge In Little Rock, Arkansas

This project is asset creation for a different project entirely.

I have the bridge’s dimensions in front of me. I only need one side due to it being a Twin Basket Tied Arch Design. Are there any plugins or methods of getting the desired look I want with minimal effort (to a degree, working smarter, not harder).

Sources of design:
ArDOT Letting Plans Begin on pg.180 for geometry detail
Google Street View

Considering I am on a great start (taken a lot of guess work out) and I have calculated the curvature for each segment of the arch.
How should I continue? One giant arc made in SketchUp and use it as a path?

Thank you

The drawings you are working with are quite comprehensive. If you are only modeling it for entourage, I’d keep it a simple as possible.
That said, yes, a simple arc and follow me.
No bolts, joining plates, cable anchors…

Well, it’s a game asset, so I’d like to detail it. Since I have calculated the curvature for each segment shown, how might I go modeling it considering what I know?

I have begun with an arc; with 13 segments, (on pg. 183 referencing Field Splices)

Calculated Curvature:
17’= 82.093*
51’= 246.279*
54’= 11.099* (two instances on flip side)
36’= 173.844*
31’= 149.699*
20.895’= 100.902*
(from 31’ and up can be duplicated and mirrored across).

Should I go segment by segment?

No, duplicate the arc, and use follow me for the I-beam section. Make it a component. Then use rotate, to angle the arch inward. Move control, and scale to -1 for the other side. After that it’s up to you how much detail you’d like to add.