Tips on creating railing with multiple options

Hi all!
I am trying to create a Railing dynamic component that starts off with the user selecting which type of post he wants , and then proceeds to stretch it with scaletool.

I need help with this starting bit.
I’ve got 5 types of balausters, so I’m going to use a onClick and cycle throught them using HIDE.
But what I need now is a way to delete the other 4 hidden ones, so that when the user stretches and makes copies, I doesn’t also make copies of the hidden 4…

Is this clear?
Any help would be great!

Use an IF statement in the copies attribute.

I don’t understand the point of deleting the other options? what is interesting is to keep all the variants, from the moment they are hidden? if it is to save space and to have once the choice made a lightweight component, in this case use clean3 with the option to delete geometry and hidden objects
Or am I not understanding what you really want to do?

The IF will delete the models not used?

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Well, deleting the other options would be a way of keeping the file lighter…?
Imagine several railings in a model, and each post would have all the other variations hidden…maybe too heavy? I think the ideal use would be to pick the option you want and then stretching it away…

Clean3 is a function?

No it wont delete them but it will prevent any copies of being made of the hidden ones. Deleting them would require ruby.

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