Thrupaint making materials for every face (noob)


I am working on texturing a cactus and messing around with Frodo’s thrupaint. So far I’m impressed however when I export it is creating a material for each face. In this case 300+ materials is not preferable for one model. The same photo texture is used for all materials
and the orientation on each face is represented in each material. There are 3 groups in the model
and it is exploded before export.

I feel like I am doing something wrong with regards the grouping/explode process?


just deactive the thrupaint. In the thrupaint there is small “A” icon just click to active and deactive the thrupaint


Thank you atek. I activated/de-activated thrupaint and no change. Would you mind providing a bit
more detail about the process? I can’t texture the model properly without thrupaint to my knowledge and it works
great so far. Below is what it’s doing.


can u send the file to know whats wrong


Here it is…please don’t laugh:blush:

cactus1.skp (758.9 KB)


its nothing to laugh we all are learner. When u export what format ur using. jpg or png or


Texture is .jpg 683X1024. Exporting as a .dae



I’ve tried various different methods of texturing within thrupaint, re-sized the texture to a power of
two (512X1024), and exported exploded and as a group, still making a material for each
face. I made the cactus by simply using the follow me tool, push/pull, and scaling. I looked at a nice
cactus in the warehouse and did my best to emulate that.

Anyone have any luck? All I could do at this point is theorize as to a conflict between Thrupaint and
the export process. Thanks for any input!


Well I get the same result using a model from the warehouse, hundreds of materials, one for each face. When I use the regular SU paint tool
I get one material for the whole model like it should be, no UV map goodness. Frustrating. I’m a bit dumbfounded that no one even has a crumb
of an idea what’s going on here?..nothing? Am I violating some sort of rule?


I know this is old, but I believe if you use SketchUV’s (now free) triangulate function, it should fix your export problem. Your example is a classic one that is talked about in SketchUV topics (and I think even some Threpaint ones). You can still use the most excellent Thrupaint, but just use SketchUV to do the triangulation before export. Worth a try.


Wow…thank you! I appreciate this even if it is 9 months later. Pretty
much had given up on this and
moved on. I will give this a try.

Again, thank you for the response.