Thrupaint making materials for every face (noob)

I am working on texturing a cactus and messing around with Frodo’s thrupaint. So far I’m impressed however when I export it is creating a material for each face. In this case 300+ materials is not preferable for one model. The same photo texture is used for all materials
and the orientation on each face is represented in each material. There are 3 groups in the model
and it is exploded before export.

I feel like I am doing something wrong with regards the grouping/explode process?

just deactive the thrupaint. In the thrupaint there is small “A” icon just click to active and deactive the thrupaint

Thank you atek. I activated/de-activated thrupaint and no change. Would you mind providing a bit
more detail about the process? I can’t texture the model properly without thrupaint to my knowledge and it works
great so far. Below is what it’s doing.

can u send the file to know whats wrong

Here it is…please don’t laugh:blush:

cactus1.skp (758.9 KB)

its nothing to laugh we all are learner. When u export what format ur using. jpg or png or

Texture is .jpg 683X1024. Exporting as a .dae


I’ve tried various different methods of texturing within thrupaint, re-sized the texture to a power of
two (512X1024), and exported exploded and as a group, still making a material for each
face. I made the cactus by simply using the follow me tool, push/pull, and scaling. I looked at a nice
cactus in the warehouse and did my best to emulate that.

Anyone have any luck? All I could do at this point is theorize as to a conflict between Thrupaint and
the export process. Thanks for any input!

Well I get the same result using a model from the warehouse, hundreds of materials, one for each face. When I use the regular SU paint tool
I get one material for the whole model like it should be, no UV map goodness. Frustrating. I’m a bit dumbfounded that no one even has a crumb
of an idea what’s going on here?..nothing? Am I violating some sort of rule?

I know this is old, but I believe if you use SketchUV’s (now free) triangulate function, it should fix your export problem. Your example is a classic one that is talked about in SketchUV topics (and I think even some Threpaint ones). You can still use the most excellent Thrupaint, but just use SketchUV to do the triangulation before export. Worth a try.

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Wow…thank you! I appreciate this even if it is 9 months later. Pretty
much had given up on this and
moved on. I will give this a try.

Again, thank you for the response.

Thank you so much!!! i just textured a few kilometers of train track with thrupaint and when i exported it to use it in a game engine i noticed it created hundreds of materials just as in the example of the cactus above. this however worked extremely well and it’s no extra work at all takes seconds since its literally just right click and click triangulate. amazing!

Hi Fredo6 (and anyone else who can help me please!) I use several of the Fredo6 extensions already and am now trying to download Thrupaint but completely blocked. Is something up with it does anyone know? It simply won’t download.
I’ve also just seen that there’s a complete set of all Fredo6 tools available as a single download. I’d love to download this, but can’t find the clickable download icon anywhere on the info page.
Any help with this greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Brilliant Dezmo! Thanks so much for this. Worked first time.
V much appreciated.