Threaded holes and threaded bolts

Off the wall question, In a 3D part I am going to print, there is a bolt and threaded hole…Just for presentation purposes… can a 3D printer print “usable threaded holes and bolts”. (Low End 3D Printer)?
Thanks, Matte

In principle you can print threaded holes and bolts provided the details are big enough for the resolution of your printer. However, they are like to be rough, and you may to experiment with hole and/or bolt diameter to get a usable fit.

I would print the part, perhaps with an undersized hole, a dimple or a cross indent for registration, then drill and tap the thread. And use a manufactured metal bolt, if you want a working part.


Awesome , Thanks !!!, that’s what I was thinking, seams alot less programming/design work to do it as you suggest.

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