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My local makerspace recently got a laser cutter. Figured I’d share my workflow for working with CAD/CAM in SketchUp.

First up, storage box for the boardgame Caverna: (See detailed article here:

A game with hundreds of small pieces, where small zip-bags don’t cut it.

Based the layout from BoardGameGeek. Adapted for 4mm birch plywood.

Modelled in SketchUp:

Created new features for my Milling Tools extension to export 2D profiles of each part:

Then organized in LayOut for PDF export (preferred format for the lasercutter I use.):

Frikkin’ lasers:

Assembly had to be performed in careful order:

Final product:

Models can be downloaded by themselves here:

The whole project can be found in the blog post linked earlier - as well as on BoardGameGeek.


BunnyGuard 2000

When you need to protect your interweb wires from being nibbled up!

Step 1: Marquette

Step 2: SketchUp model

Step 3: Extract 2D profiles

Step 4: Assemble and send for inspection:




I love it! Bun seems a little disappointed, though.


Yea, though crowd. If I’d coated it with strawberries though,…


Absolute genius, we’re starting to run low on electrical appliances at our end. Makes we wonder how the things not been fried.

Sky box
Games console x2

All nibbled by an ironically named “Nibbles” the rabbit.


We got every wire wrapped up in nibble-proof tubes. And a couple of ikea boxes to group power adapters.
Can’t even trust him for a few minutes with the vacuum.

And just today he started exploring the hallway outside of the livingroom - eyeballing my unprotected work-room, where I created the BunnyGuard. I’m pretty sure he’s plotting…


I’ll add to that list a brand new pair of headphones that she craftily ate as I wore them. Yep, take your eyes off for a second and she’s going for the jackpot.

No, mines not much good at housework either :grinning:


We have a Roomba now… :smiley:


If Trondheim were closer to Lund I’d hang out at your place and play with your toys whenever I had the time :stuck_out_tongue: .


As soon as i saw the “protect interweb wires from being nibbled up” i knew you had rabbits, how? because we have them to. And when we first got them, and let them run around, our carpet and wires were all sorts of in trouble haha