"this does not appear to be a sketchup model" need help asap!

My file won’t open!!! Need help asap
When I try to, the message “this does not appear to be a sketchup model” appears

Here’s the file

Please help @colin


@colin is the one that may help you, but I see your file is just a bunch of zeros so I’m not very confident…

Like Paul says, the file is all zeros. Do you have the SKB backup copy of the file?

yes! here it is @colin

Unfortunately, that is 3/4 full of zeros as well.

Golly, there have been a lot of cases when a SKP file ends up all or mostly full of zeroes. I wonder what is causing that? A transient network packet corruption, or loss of one or a few buffers during file save, or when making a file copy, wouldn’t normally do that magnitude of damage.

Are the users deleting the SKP files from their storage’s filesystem (not simply moving it to a “Trash” type folder or directory) and then recovering - recreating - the file by using special software that scavenges the filesystem for all the bits and pieces of the deleted file? That often yields an incorrect file (it is an impossible task in many cases), but I don’t know how often it would yield a file filled with bytes of all zeroes.

It seems unlikely that SketchUp itself is creating such zero-filled files. Nevertheless, SketchUp could be enhanced to re-read a SKP file that was just saved, to try to immediately detect whether the file ended up with bad data. (A simple check would be to look for big blocks of zeroes. A more interesting check would look for the internal structure of whatever is expected to be inside an SKP file and verify that, etc.)

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Maybe off topic but I had a very worrying experience with SketchUp 2022 yesterday. I had been working on an established file for an hour or so - doing some fairly complex editing when all of a sudden a message came on screen along the lines of “This file has become corrupt and is beyond repair - we suggest you quit SketchUp and revert to the latest saved copy”.

I panicked and didn’t take any screenshots or send in the bug splat. Thankfully I didn’t lose much work but seeing the words “beyond repair” definitely sent my pulse racing.

That would be worrisome indeed.

Seems to me folks should take advantage of their Trimble Connect storage more to create backups and incremental saves.

Is that automated Dave?

I currently save locally and automatically backup the local directory to OneDrive overnight.

Yes. Every time you publish your model to Trimble Connect you get a current version along with the previous versions. This file, for example has 16 versions in history. Any one of them can be opened.

Thank you.

I am going to look into that :+1:

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A couple of notes on this. If you want to let others view your models you can share the link to the file so they can use the web viewer. Also, if you open a file from Trimble Connect using SU Pro, the file gets downloaded into a temporary folder on your machine. Saves and Autosaves will be directed to that file. When you publish to Trimble Connect the file will get uploaded. You can also use Save as… to save to a non-temporary folder if you want to save it locally. Or just work on the locally saved file all the time and publish to TC as your backup and for sharing or accessing from another computer.

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