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It is only half there…

Isn’t that applied to entire Windows as supposed to SketchUp only?

And this would be the case where my eyes really hurt with neon green! :confounded:

I am not sure what people want is “high contrast” settings…

SketchUp is a program to “design” in 3D space. Crude interface such as above isn’t really acceptable…

What we really want is something like this…?


Yes, it also means other team members can work on the model and those using layout can independently present it with the fear unsolicited changes.


Also vote for TSUMichael idea. Its really important.


This is more safely solved via workflow rather than feature.
In fact it is more dangerous to have un-integrated changes in Layout in a team environment close to a deadline - comms can get patchy.
Using Sonder’s approach, you make ‘Purpose’ models (copies) of the master that you then move to Layout for different 2d presentation needs.


I second this as well. I sometimes present 3 to 5 design options to my clients. For every design option, I now need to create a separate scene for: floor plan, elevation N/S/E/W, section AA, BB, perspective 1, perspective 2 etc etc. If only it was possible to select views (+sections) in layout for each inserted scene - that would reduce my number of scenes a lot!


Yorg: I think a feature could be just as safe as purpose models if it’s designed right. While the purpose model workflow is a good workaround it’s still a workaround and not something you would understand yourself from just looking at the software.

maxB: I also have the exact same problem. My attempted workaround was to save the model by a new name for each design option, open a separate instance of the layout document for each option and relink the layout document to each separate model, and then copy all content of these layout documents into one big document. Still clumsy and would create a lot of extra work if a new scene would be needed for all design options.

I suggest having all the viewing information (camera position, visible layers, style, shadows, fog, active section cuts etc) controlled from Layout. Then there could be an eyedropper-like tool that lets you pick up these settings from one viewport and apply to another. The tool would have checkboxes somewhere to let the user control exactly what to copy, e.g. camera and active section but not layers.

By storing this information completely in the viewport and not referencing it from SketchUp I don’t see how any collisions would occur in a team environment.

Edit: Essentially the workflow would be the same as with a purpose model except the purpose model is instead integrated in LO in a way that makes sense to users.


Hi JK,

That UI looks great, however sometimes the design/drawing area needs to be in lighter colours, so an option to change this easily should be in place, but I guess STYLES tab would deal with that one.

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Hi Yorg,

This is not a feature, it is a basic premise of good database management - you separate content from presentation of content.

Really I would prefer all dimensioning and textural data was also done in the sketchup model, Layout would be used only to control its presentation.

I managed the process of documenting the Sydney 2000 Olympics Precinct in Autocad with 40 staff + 2 other architectural firms designing and documenting 20 distinctive buildings and this was the only feasible way of doing it.

I am no fan of Autocad [in fact I hate it] but xrefs and modelspace / paperspace allowed an almost clear distinction of data from presentation of data.



Yes, OK.I wouldn’t complain about a feature based solution.
Well, with Xrefs, I am almost complete with a plugin to allow these in SU.
Stay tuned, or contact me if you’d like more info.


Add support for multiple views. For example, as for image modeling, the images can be calibrated in a structure from motion pipeline and the cameras are imported to sketchup. There will be no difficult to create matchphoto views, but it will be more usefull that we could edit geometry in 3D view and simutaneously watch the fitness in images (even multiple images).


Hello everyone, this is my wish list for SketchUp 2018

  1. A timer included and shown in the workspace to have control of the hours we spend in each job.
  2. A screen grabber to record the work sessions with or without audio.
  3. A new view option with environmental shadows as in Autodek Revit
  4. Improve the section cutting tool by automatically filling the cutting surface.
  5. Allow more than one active view as Top and Front or any variation


Proxy management settings like every PROFESSIONNAL software should have in 2017:

  • http/https proxy with authentication, including NTLM
  • SOCKS proxy
    That’s the minimum.

  1. A very useful feature for some but it shouldn’t be in SketchUp naively. SketchUp’s concept is about being simplistic to lower the learning curve. Instead of overwhelm new users with everything they can possible think of SketchUp comes with the basics and everything else is installed as plugins, such as this one.

  2. Also a useful feature that doesn’t belong in SketchUp. There are already programs for this, such as Screenpresso, that you can use with any program, not only SketchUp. Having a screen recorder integrated in SketchUp is like having a music player integrated in SketchUp that only lets you play music as long as SketchUp is running.

  3. I think you need to elaborate what this feature does for those of us that don’t use Revit much.

  4. Yes, this has been suggested many times and would be very useful to have natively integrated in SU. Until then there is Skalp.

  5. There is no need for this. That is a primitive way to enter 3d coordinates using a 2d interface. SketchUp has an advanced inference engine that let’s you pick 3d points on a 2d screen without having to divide it into tiny views.


Not arguing with the usefulness or need for this, I only offer an explanation for why Trimble may resist it: I have the impression that the existing section cut tool is implemented using OpenGL wizardry, not by any actual manipulation of the model’s contents (the cuts opening behavior is similar). As a result, Trimble would have to completely rework this part of the code so that actual model geometry is created. If history shows any pattern, the fact that there are extensions that do the task will cause Trimble to ignore this request in favor of things they feel are core to SketchUp.


The whole idea with implementing this natively is that it then could be done in the rendering pipeline without affecting the physical geometry itself. That’s something a plugin can’t (currently) do.


That is worth some discussion from users: is a purely visual effect what they want? Description of use cases would be a good thing.


The use case is looking into buildings and other objects without seeing empty walls that are supposed to be solids. This is as purely visual as the existing section cut feature. This is what Skalp tries to mimic but using physical geometry as a workaround.


So, continuing to explore the use case…would it need to include fill with user-specified patterns such as Skalp can do? Would the results need to be exported to LayOut too?


I’m thinking an additional material can be set in the Entity Info for groups and components (graphically similar to how faces have their back side material). There can also be a per style setting to override this with any given color, just as face Style currently works. This absolutely needs to work in Layout and 2D exports too, otherwise there isn’t much point in having it.


Multiple copy / multiple click would be nice to have in Sketchup, like in Archicad:

Move + Ctrl = copy on click (CURRENTLY), but also,
Move + Ctrl + Alt = copy on multiple clicks (MY WISH)

Not every multiple copy is an array, as Sketchup currently does. This would be very useful for manually scattering components, for example.