The placement of items on import

I could use some help from someone that is familiar with how SketchUp imports and places geo-located .dxf files into its workspace.

I have several files that I’m exporting from Pix4D and Virtual Surveyor that all fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. And they export fine into SketchUp and align themselves perfectly.

When I import them, I let them locate themselves in their original position, and they end up of course extremely far from the center X/Y/Z axis, and at the extreme edge of the SketchUp workspace.

What is the simplest way to move them to the center of the X/Y/Z axis, edit them some, but then be able to put them right back to where they had originally been, at the extreme edge of the SketchUp workspace so other new files will line up correctly with them still ?


Ideally placing item at or very near the origin is best practice. For the wayward imports, select all the pieces, use the move command and start a move. Let go of the mouse and type [0, 0, 0] hit enter. Everything should be at the origin.