The new M1 processor!

Are you using the 2021 version from a couple of weeks ago?:

If you are still using SketchUp 2020, try the updated 2020 RBZ file.

Does the 3D Spacemouse work on the M1? Wacom tablet?

Colin, Yes-- latest 12-22-20.

3D Space Mouse Wireless. Some caveats to get it to work smoothly and reliably. 1. The wireless USB dongle causes unreliable flying inside of SU. If the MacBook goes to sleep. You have to close SU and re-open. Sometimes it just will not work until you re-boot. 2. However. If you plug in your charging USB cord and bypass the wireless dongle then it is dam smooth flying. Upon the laptop going to sleep, it often still works upon waking. If it does stop, closing SU works, with out needing to reboot. This has been my experience.

My corded 3Dconnexion space mouse works fine with SU21 on M1 Mac mini (lowest spec). SU windows on the other hand (‘trays’ for Tags, Components, Outliner and toolsets that I have open on a second monitor) switch between the 2nd and 3rd screen as they feel like it after waking from sleep.

Pretty much the same as SketchUp has always been on the Mac.


There definitely needs to be a better way of managing trays on the Mac side of things. I am wondering if this can be solved with a plugin, or are trays at the SU system level of things.

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There is a discussion about that, over here:

The 17th post shows an extension being used to control the visibility of extension palettes.

This is native SU UI and unfortunately can’t be fixed by an extension.

Thanks for the info.

Ok this is the M1 Chunk Circle of Death.

How to trigger?

  1. Space Mouse (Flying) to Fast
  2. Space Mouse (Flying) and Clicking to Fast