The Land of Organics!

There’s a hump that I have to get over. My years with SU is not allowing me to cross the chasm that separates me from the land of organic modeling. Straight lines and flat curves I know well, but Sandbox and Soap Skin baffle me. I need help. Is there a school or tutorial for that kind of modelling?

What kind of organics do you want to learn to create?

YouTube search -

I need to know the basics, from closing rectangles that won’t close, to making curvy objects.

Youtube is a good source, but I have trouble understand most of the tutorials - either heavy accents or unclear talk.

The tutorials on YouTube are quite well done, even the ones without sound or those in other languages or other softwares, but you need to have basic knowledge of SketchUp to understand them (about raw geometry, groups, properties of edges, arcs, circles, faces, etc.).

Basics of SketchUp at or

I just went into the rabbit hole to do some quad modeling myself to do a sofa and some other furniture.
I started here:

You are going to want the
quadface tools for quad modeling along with
Subd and
vertex tools2

all available on sketchucation

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Thanks jlo. It’s good to hear from someone who also understands that this dive is into a rabbit hole.

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I recommended the tutorials from Campus to learn and understand the basic things in SketchUp after seeing what you wrote, and knowing that those lessons are made by SketchUp team and are very good and well/clear explained.

To create faces, as an idea

If by ‘rectangles’ you meant only a simple 2D shape, then that is even easier, just draw another line over one of the existing edges and a face will be created.

The same thing is if you want to learn to use Sandbox tools and Soap Skin Bubble extensions, Eric explained very clearly how to use these extensions in the course - SketchUp for Landscape and Site Design

Learn these basic things first, before moving on to subdivisions modeling with quads.