The Bump Mapping in V-Ray is SIC!

I’ve been testing V-Ray for about 8 months now and I’m starting to find my feet. As a Maxwell user, there were some obvious comparisons where I felt Maxwell provided a better user experience (resumable rendering; multiple rendering and the interface for a start), but there are some aspects of V-Ray that I can’t ignore: like the faster render time (winner, winner chicken dinner) and the accuracy of the bump mapping. It’s VERY strong! Much more powerful than Maxwell.

I completed this render for a recent commission (all-nighter - I keep saying I’m not doing anymore all-nighters but alas, they keep knocking on my door).

I used a bump map on the fluted drawer fronts and glass. Very impressed!

First time I’ve used lighting of this nature too - via emissive layers by painting a face in SketchUp. Everything else is environment lighting.

Hoping for resumbable rendering soon. I expected this to be a standard feature but apparently not!



Do they want a flying toilet?

(Yes I realize it could be a wall mount, I just have never seen one before: hope they don’t weigh 350lbs)

Apparently so.

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Anywho, looks awesome!

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You’ve never seen a wall hung loo before?!


Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think so! But I also dropped out of high school and haven’t seen much as far as bathroom architecture. Also, I’m in America, but that may not matter at all. What I do know is there better be some serious LAGs or bolts in the back of that thing!

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Ha! I sure hope so! Personally, I’m not sure if I like the wall hung loos! I think I prefer more traditional styles!

They sure would save the tile guy trouble, but not in this circumstance…

The light from outside is pretty blown out, not sure how you’d fix it though.

I did that on purpose!


Is it 'cause there’s nothing out there? :o

Nope, it’s cos sometimes when you take a photo inside, the outside is blown out and I prefer it that way :slight_smile:


And a Geberit in wall tank system, it looks like?

Anyway, bravo! I’m just starting on V-Ray myself. I need more time with it, but I’m too old for all nighters any more.

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@LinearGraphs Wall hung is quite common, its advantage is to conceal the cistern and make cleaning much easier, they’re often seen in hotels.


Yes, in Europe. But I have a hunch that the range of ordinarily available sanitary fittings is much more limited over the pond. They may simply never enjoy airborne toilet time!


@simoncbevans Those poor colonialists, let’s hope they catch up with the civilised world soon. :slight_smile:

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And prisons! :smiley:

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I guess if the tank is in the wall, it would prevent people from tampering with it. That would probably be what you want in a hotel or prison.

Let’s not go into all the details involved :nauseated_face: