The Best Plugins/Workflow For Parametric Modelling - Windows/Doors,Roofs, etc:

An all in one (or mostly all in one) parametric modelling plugin for the building design process I think is something that Sketchup desperately needs. I know of many or most/all of the plugins that are available for building design, but I am curious what you all think is the best choices? What do you use in your workflow and what do you find is the fastest way to design a building? I love how simple sketchup is in some regards, it’s made me realize a great workflow of using simple shapes for a building with no internal parts, and referencing walls, floors, etc to refer to more complex details that I can use over and over on projects.

Please share some of your best tips and pain points for modelling windows/doors, roofs, etc. I would love the insight and I’m sure the community would find it useful too!