The best and the fastest way to draw a building in Sketchup

In the following video, we draw a complete building with many details by using only MAJ extensions. All rails, stairs, doors, windows, knaufs, cornices, baseboards, wallpapers, floors, columns, beams, rebars, and … are made by MAJ Extensions. Attached you can find the output of this video to check details. Also, I attached some photos of the building.

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Why are the interior doors above the baseboards ? (5th and 6th images)


You are right. “MAJ Door” cuts 3 layers of the wall but also should be able to cut the baseboard. I will solve this problem in the next “MAJ Door” version. By the way, at the end draw building will need little trimming.

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Dear Dan,
As you can see in the following short video, the problems solved and “MAJ Door” Version 1.0.3 not only cutes 3 layers of wall but also cut baseboard now.

“MAJ Door” V1.0.3 is available in following address.

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